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I'm Brianna or De'bri's. I am NOT from a small town by any means, stuck in one I hate now. I reblog country, luxury, and the beach. Any other random shizz in there is just because I am that damn cool.

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its sure good to see yall! im trying to get back into the swing of things.





aw i actually cried

I rarely cry watching videos.. but this one got to me.

wow. ^same, it takes so much to make me cry. and from the minute she stopped singing and just broke down I was in tears. I am speechless, and she’s from my state! I want to be her best friend she seems so sweet omg

How can you not reblog this… It’s just got so mucch power & meaning. Crying over videos is not something i do, but when you can relate to one so much, it happens… I hope this jal gets some where & shows those bullies that they were worthless.

this may be the most amazing thing i have ever seen in my entire life. jus sayin.